Monday, September 10, 2012

Numenera: A Kickstarter from Monte Cook

Monte Cook, game design legend, has created a new RPG. Numenera, a distant future RPG, focuses on roleplaying with quick, easy rules and incredible art. Monte started game design back in the Rolemaster and early Champions days and became a household tabletop name after his contributions to 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons over a decade ago. Monte's independent projects, like the Ptolus: City by the Spire setting, gained him a reputation for quality, detailed products.

Monte's original goal with this one month Kickstarter was $20,000 to pay for artwork and printing costs, which he reached in 24hrs. At the time of this posting donations have exceeded $280,000 and has expanded to include modules, a bestiary, GMs screen, and equipment books, as well as card decks to assist in storytelling. He's also providing seminars on game design and game sessions hosted by the man himself.

$50 gets you PDF copies of everything produced under this Kickstarter. An additional $10 gets you all the PDFs, plus a print copy of the core rulebook that currently tops 400 pages. I say currently because Monte has increased the size of some of the books as stretch goals.

Check out the Kickstarter here. Only one week to go.

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UPDATE (9/12/12):

Chris West has just been announced as the official cartographer for gaming legend Monte Cook's new RPG, Numenera. Congrats to Chris.

Official Announcement
Review of Chris West's work

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