Carter Franklin
Carter Franklin’s fantasy life dominated his childhood, until the day his father died. Blaming himself for the accident that took his father's life, Carter replaces the magic of his youth with the solemn responsibilities of adulthood. Years later, the creatures of his imagination return, forcing him to question both the nature of reality and his own sanity. Carter soon discovers that the playground of his childhood, a world he called The Beastlands, is real, and that his once imaginary friend, a cheetah named Roary, always believed Carter to be the imaginary one.

In the Beastlands, humans are mythical creatures who act as spirit guides to animal shamans, known as dreamers. When the Great Bear of Death threatens to enslave Roary's friends and family, the young cheetah dreamer must reconnect with his human totem and convince Carter to embrace his lost imagination and the spiritual link they share. Together, Carter, Roary and a cast of human and animal companions must protect the Beastlands from the demons of its past, while uncovering the mysterious truth about the accident that killed Carter’s father.

DREAMINGS is a mystical coming of age story that explores the line between shamanic totemism and childhood imagination, and has been described by readers as CS Lewis meets Carlos Castaneda.  BOOK 1: THE BEASTLANDS, is the first in a three-part series that is open for further development.

Jamie Ravenwood
Steven Thompson

Matt Wells

Concept Art for Dreamings by Evan Ferrell

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  1. I like the sound of this. I seem to recall knowing a young man that questioned reality when he was in high school.
    Is there a release date, or where I can I get it if it is already out?
    Ben Mercer

    1. Lol. True. As they say, write what you know. :-)

      I'm currently in the agent-acquiring stage and hoping to find one by the end of the year. If things work out and the book sells in 2013 it will hopefully be on the shelves the following year. It's a much longer process (if you aren't Stephen King) to get a novel on the shelf than people realize.

      Thanks for your interest. I'll be posting development blogs over the next few weeks if you want to find out more.

      You can find more artwork from Evan Ferrell here: http://www.evanferrell.com/