Monday, December 3, 2018

Podcast and Actual Play Appearances

My podcast career started back in February of 2015 with an appearance on the amazing Dungeon Master's Block. Mitch and Chris were fantastic hosts and little did I know they would change how I interacted with the gaming and popular culture community forever.

If you've enjoyed one of my guest spots, you'll find links to my other podcast and streaming appearances below.  If you aren't sure where to start, check out the episodes in bold.

Science, Spirituality, and Popular Culture

Roleplaying Game Discussions

Industry Interviews

  • Talking Tabletop with Jim McClure
    • Rich Howard
      • One of my earliest and most in-depth interviews. Jim asks the hard questions and doesn't let up. One of my favorite interviews.
  • The RPG Academy
  • Don't Split the Podcast Network
    • Voices from the Deep Post-Game Interview
      • James Introcaso invited me back to do a post-game breakdown of Voices from the Deep, including how to re-skin spells and classes, GMing tips, world creation, teamwork, and more.
  • Have Spellbook Will Travel
    • Behind the Scenes 35
      • James Introcaso and Rudy Basso interview me after my guest appearance on the series. We talk about my gaming and acting origins, and I dip my toe into talking about how my spirituality and gaming parallel.

5th Edition DnD Actual Play Podcasts and Streams

Genesys/Edge of the Empire Actual Play and Streams

Small Press Actual Play and Streams

Voice Acting

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