Monday, October 1, 2012

Eclipse Chocolat Kickstarter

You've seen me post about Eclipse, you've heard me gush about Eclipse, if you're lucky, you've had us drag you to Eclipse. Now you can get the best chocolate I've ever eaten while supporting my favorite chocolatier with their new expansion.

The new location will have a production facility, cafe and full-service restaurant. For those of you who've been to one of Eclipse's specialty dinners or weekend brunches, you will be able to experience Will's mouth-watering food every day of the week.

Many of the pledge levels include free shipping (with some restrictions, mostly related to making sure your chocolate doesn't melt), but if you live in the San Diego area you can save Eclipse shipping and pick up your pledge in the store. If you do, you'll receive two drinking chocolates as thanks, so bring a friend.

Check out Will's adorable Kickstarter video (make sure to watch through to the credits) and spread the word!


  1. This was a no brainer... Thanks for brining it to my attention!

  2. I just noticed that Megan and I are in the credits! Lol. I wonder why?

  3. Also noticed that Will finally added that 'e' to chocolat. :-D