Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Long Winter's Nap

I started working on my first novel around 2007, about the same time I went back to school for my nursing degree. The accelerated bachelors program I chose was packed into a meer 14 months (not counting the prereqs I had to go through since my first degree was from 1993). Back then I had one writing day a week, and after 4-6 days of studying and clinicals, I couldn't wait for Friday. There were great writing days and terrible writing days, but one way or the other I needed to get my butt in that chair; of course, I was writing at Eclipse Chocolat, so being surrounded by the best caffeine and chocolate in town didn't hurt.

Writing is often called a lonely business, but I find that to be less true in the age of social media. While I was in my Friday Zone, I often posted how many words I'd managed, or how long I worked even though my count wasn't what I wanted, or inviting people to join me so we could guilt each other into pounding the keys. A few people said that my posts inspired them to get their butts in the chair and indulge in the writing they'd been wanting to do for years. A huge compliment.

My first book is in the can, now, and last year was spent making contacts, attending conferences and querying agents. Agent hunting is filled with emotional extremes, though, and combined with projects on our house, family holidays and long hours in the unit, this winter found me indulging in more downtime than I've taken in 6 years. Fighting the inertia of a warm bed, "Arkham City" (yeah, I'm behind) and rewatching Young Justice is brutal.

I'm trying not to judge.

Well, this morning I was skimming through my Facebook feed reading about the accomplishments of other writers I've met over the years. Some are posting about awards, some about conference plans, some are simply sharing their word counts for the day. All of them are reminders of the work, and the rewards, that following this self-motivated career embodies and I'm finding myself on the receiving end of the encouragement others had been getting from me.

To everyone who has shared their journey with the rest of us, thank you for your ups, your downs, your struggles, your excitement and your boundless encouragement.

Time to wake up.


Mur Lafferty: Nearly went to bed without writing.

Lou Anders: 993 words tonight. 52,771 total. I'm tired. Nite all.

Brad Beaulieu: Managed 700 words despite not starting until 11:30. All in all, not bad.

Saladin Ahmed: THRONE OF THE CRESCENT MOON is eligible for Best Novel. Some people like it. Thanks.

Shanna Germain: Don't forget: Tuesday night. Come and write with us!

Myke Cole: I have the best fans in the world. So so so lucky.

Jessica CorraSO proud of Author Simon C. Larter for making the deadline on his short story. He's going places, and I am so grateful to be along for the journey. ♥

Moses Siregar III: Four new Amazon reviews in the last 2 days. Everything from "Middle of the road adventure" to "this author...is on my top 10." Life is good.

Brandon Sanderson: Man, it feels good to be writing again. Revision (which I spent most of last year doing) is very important. But the writing is what I love.

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