Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dream Job

I've had a few ideas on what 'dream job' I might enjoy. The problem is, I have too many: novelist, travel writer, game designer, time traveller. The topic came up recently in a discussion about howler monkeys.

Yes. That's what I said.

A few years ago I applied for what was humbly called "The Best Job in the World". The Australian tourism bureau created a contest where the winner got to travel the Great Barrier Reef and blog about it for six or nine months (I can't remember which). Aside from fame and a killer vacation, the winner would also be paid a significant amount of money. It was such a successful campaign that they've expanded it into "The Best Jobs in the World", with different themes for every state.

Unfortunately, I didn't win, but the application did require a video. So, for your viewing pleasure (and for the request of a howler monkey by my friend, Marion Frazier), Ladies and Gentlemen, my app for the Best Job in the World!

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