Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What If, indeed. Episode II

A couple of years ago, Belated Media posted a re-imagining of Star Wars: Episode I. Re-imagining actually gives Episode I too much credit--the guy tore it apart and molded it into what it should have been. Finally, his vision of Episode II is out and now I know why it took a while.

With Phantom Menace, he could cut together scenes from the film to give us a general idea of what he was thinking; he could also put big red slashes over Jar Jar's face. So much of the first film had been changed (and the second one was so terrible) there was almost nothing for him to use. That means storyboards. The result is not only breathtaking, it is a lesson in story editing.

What If Episode I Had Been Good?

What If Episode II Had Been Good?

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