Friday, January 31, 2014

2014: A Month in Review

So far this month I've:
  • ...completed a two-year project at my hospital that streamlines our electronic medical record system.
  • ...presented said project to our hospital council and earned a promotion.
  • ...had two game developers contact me to review their games.
  • ...been asked to assist on a new RPG development project.
  • ...was recommended to a new video game company for help with their character development.
  • ...been hired for and completed an editing/development project for Rogue Genius Games.
  • ...picked up three new freelance RPG development projects.
I couldn't be happier.


Addendum, 1/31/14: I just finished the first meeting about a new RPG and I must say the system impressed me. It's midway through development so I can't elaborate, but the mechanics are sound, unique, and potentially far reaching; making it a Gateway Game for RPGs. What gamer doesn't want that?!?

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