Friday, May 6, 2016

Thank you, Chris Evans

It will likely be no surprise to you that I believe very strongly that storytelling changes lives. Characters, especially those from fiction, act as our modern mythology. They can influence how we view each other, and help us experience moral, ethical, and human questions about our reality from unique perspectives we may discount, or never encounter in our own lives. This is the reason I love the things that I do, and speak so passionately about characters who aren’t living, breathing people.

Steve Rogers (aka: Captain America) is one of those characters; a fact about which I was regularly teased until the first Cap movie captured everything I love about him so elegantly on screen. I happily admit that I had to eat my own words about Chris Evans being cast in the role. I cannot now think of another actor projecting the kindness, strength, presence, humor, and loss that embodies Steve. And the following story is a perfect reason why.

I found out a few days ago that a student at my wife's school is fighting cancer. I've never had the pleasure of meeting Ryan, but the warmth with which she speaks about him tells me he is someone very special. He also happens to be a huge Cap fan, so my wife asked if I could use my limited media skills to help Ryan connect with his hero. I was honored and happy to help, but it turns out I wasn’t needed at all. Within 36 hours of me hearing about Ryan's illness, Chris Evans had already sent him a personal message.

Mr. Evans is an actor playing a part. He is obviously not Steve Rogers. But he understands what that character can mean to someone and why that meaning matters. He honors the heart of that hero every time he (and others like him) does something like this.

All I can do is share it, and Ryan's story, with you.

Ryan, the quality of the friends you've made, and the love and respect they have for you speaks volumes. Much love, from one Cap fan to another, get well very soon, and enjoy the Cap Premier!

If you'd like to support Ryan and his family, please visit their site and consider donating and/or sharing!

For a glimpse at the amazing support for Ryan from his classmates, click here.


The "Thank You" series was inspired by my post to the late Aaron Allston, as well as the passing of industry greats Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. There were many things I needed to say to these men and never got the chance. I don't intend to let that happen again.

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